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 Indoor Waterscapes is a small, family-owned direct manufacturer of high quality Free Standing, Built In and Wall Water Features. We offer marble slabs or mirrors on the wall fountains. The free standing fountains have stainless steel or copper screens.

Our solid slab marble is hand-picked to ensure the best colors and patterns that nature provides. We can add a deep brushed finish to the stone which will maximize the rippling of the cascading water. 

For a more contemporary look that brightens any room we use mirrors. The mirror reflects and allows the water to dance down the glass and change colors as you move around it. Adding your business logo to the mirror water feature creates a unique lobby sign that leaves a long-lasting impression.

The sights and sounds of our wall water features will add an amazing ambiance to any room, home or business. All of our wall water features come with a full, one-year guarantee. They do not need reinforced walls, are self-contained (no plumbing needed) and require only an electrical outlet. The water reservoir eliminates all splashes, yet provides an ample sound of running water. We also offer installation in Utah and Arizona.

Wall Fountains
Wall Fountains

Water Features
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Standard features included with every wall water feature:  dimmable light switch, exclusive quick-spreading tab for easier start up, and insulated bottom reservoir to maximize the stress reducing sounds of rippling water.
Free Standing 
Water Fountains

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