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 Free Standing Floor Water Fountains
The Indoor Waterscapes Floor/Freestanding water feature breaks away from the traditional use of glass or stone. Instead we use a stainless steel or copper screen as the medium for the water to flow down. This is a cost-effective way of making an eye catching large water feature available without breaking your budget.

Some things you will notice; the framework and reservoir have been made as small as possible to keep the focus on the soothing flow of water. Since the screen weighs a fraction of solid glass or stone, we are able to use plastic components for the bulk of the reservoir and framework. They can be painted just about any color you would want. These floor fountains can be put indoors or outside. You can place the reservoir in the ground or build a planter box around it as the fountain will be the focal point. Each side looks the same so it's like two fountains in one.

Finally, to make the Indoor Waterscapes Floor/Free standing water feature even better every unit comes with a pre-filter and secondary filter to catch anything foreign that may enter the reservoir. There is also a diverter valve that easily adjusts the flow of water running down the screen or it can also be used to drain out most of the water in the reservoir for easy cleaning and water changes. All pumps have a two year warranty. All other components have a one year warranty.

​Water features include decorative plastic/vinyl reservoir, sides and top cover, copper screen, all pluming including two filters and diverter valve. A one year warranty on components, two year warranty on pump.

Base Model:
Medium From $750.00
30"L x 82"H x 13"D

Large From $995.00
42"L x 82"H x 13"D

Extra Large From $1,195.00
54"L x 82"H x 13"D

Add white LED lights in top cover. Any size + $50, or RGB with remote +$80

For ordering and payment options please call us at 801-598-1320

 Custom sizes available up to 78" L x 82"H x 17"D
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